The Public Administration, Politics and Governability of the Latin American Center (CIGOB), in alliance with the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) and the Latin American Union of “Municipalistas” (UIM) is an initiative directed to give a training framework continuing to a higher education and politics responsible for Latin American local entities in the diverse zones of such regions, in Spain and Portugal. In this framework, the CIGOB develops several academic activities in Granada and Latin America, through the different academic parties established in various countries of the region.

These academic parties are, Certificates, Experts and Masters in Local Public Management and Direction, that are organized around the Program of Formation in Local Development and Management. The objectives that are pursued with the creation of the Center and that are to be promoted by carrying out these actions are the following:

a) Prepare the public server to confront the management and the organizational changes that have been brought about by the politics reforms of the State and the professionalization of the public function in Latin America. This is so he or she avoids the professional stagnation and so their preparation and service attitudes have been encouraged, thus increasing the efficacy and the quality of the services that render the Public Administration.

b) Improve the municipality as an economic, social and political development agent, through the study and analysis of their problems, the improving and training of local officials and authorities and the elaboration of operating conclusions at a technical level, for the most effective management and municipality public service provisions.

c) To allow the knowledge and the operational capacity of the specific municipality services such as: environmental and urban development management, supply, reorganization, solid waste management, socioeconomic development companies, artistic-historic patrimony protection, environmental protection, etc…

d) Knowledge obtained in the main subjects which affect the local area: Territory Organization, Environment, Legal Regime, Human Resource Management, Budgetary and Financial Management…, as well as the development of abilities and values, designed to an improvement of the administrative organization.