The Menéndez Pelayo International University and the UIMP-Campo of Gibraltar foundation headquarters develop its first stage since its creation in 2003, until 2008. During this period held courses and, in particular, a series of conferences cycles, covering various thematic fields.

In July 2008 starts a second step in order to increase the formative and investigation proposition of the headquarters of La Línea to the different subject areas.

This is when there is a cultural extension of its activities, thinking first, in the Campo de Gibraltar and Andalusian public, as well as the North Africa and others regions, as part of projects for the civilization and culture meeting.

Coinciding with this new stage are held events about the first Global security, secularism and freedom religious, Educative Technology, Cultural Innovation and shows management, training courses for national and local police, first meeting on Cultures Dialogue (La Línea, 2009), second meeting on Cultures Dialogue (Tetuán, 2010), Exhibition about Saharan Africa in development. Society, Culture and Economy; courses about European Union, among others activities, such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions, etc.

All this activities are planned in collaboration with town councils, in particular with the Campo de Gibraltar, Cadiz Diputation, Regional, National and International University Entities.

The headquarters is located in the D´Amato Villa, emblematic building of the La Línea Township, it´s a rationalist style, an architectural movement born in Germany at the beginning of the 30s and considered as one of the origins of the modern architecture. It´s a clean cubic volumes and aesthetic neoplastic composition, with expressionism details in the perimeter fences, which singularity is shared by only two other houses in Andalusia.    


St. Clavel, 73.

 11.300 La Línea de la Concepción.

Teléfono (+34) 956763685 / (+34) 956765640.

Fax (+34) 956763685.