Training courses for teachers of ELE

The courses are intended for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. They are open to teachers from Spain and from abroad. These are intended as academic and didactic refresher courses for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language. The areas of work include studying Spanish grammar, didactics and methodology, digital resources in the SFL classroom and creating materials for use in the classroom. 

**Program 2019: under preparation**




Teaching staff

From 11 to 15 July

Integrated language and content learning and grammar teaching in SFL

30 teaching hours

Victoria Pavón Lucero, Victoria M. Bamond Lozano, Yuko Morimoto, Yolanda Pérez Sinusía, Rocío Santamaría Martínez

From 18 to 22 July

Theatrical tools for teaching Spanish as a foreign language

30 teaching hours

Ainhoa Amestoy d’Ors, Vanessa Hidalgo Martín, Elena Marco Martialay, Lidia Navarro, José Ramón Fernández

Text linguistics and L2 teaching

30 teaching hours

Carme López Ferrero, Encarnación Atienza Cerezo, Ernesto Martín Peris

From 18 to 29 July

Initial training course for teachers of SFL/SL2: Learning to teach

50 teaching hours

Pilar Melero Abadía, Alicia Clavel Martínez, Pepa Alarcón, Pilar García, Javier Llano, Susana Llorián, Lucía Sánchez

From 25 to 29 July

Educational coaching: Success for good communication and constructive relations in the classroom

30 teaching hours

Alberto Rodrígo López, Julia Rodríguez Teba, Ana Enriquez Dueñas

From 15 to 19 August

Exploring critical reading in SFL: Text analysis, activities, evaluation methods and creating tasks

30 teaching hours

Mario Calderón Espadas, Alberto Madrona Fernández, Soledad Muñoz Gordillo

Teaching Spanish to immigrants, an exciting task

30 teaching hours

Mario de la Fuente García, Miguel Abín Campuzano, Victoria Khraiche Ruiz-Zorrilla.

From 22 to 26 August

Introduction to the Clock Method: A new way of teaching Spanish grammar to foreigners

30 teaching hours

Gonzalo Martínez, Manuel Pérez, Mª Eugenia Bolado, Esther González and Federico Suárez

Digital publishing: Workshop-course on creating eBooks.

30 teaching hours

Luis Pablo Núñez, Valentín Pérez Venzalá.

Spanish abroad: Basic training for conversation assistants, visiting teachers and new teachers of Spanish

30 teaching hours

Carmen Velasco Martín, Maite Clambor, Gisela Conde, Antonio Goñi, Teresa Navés

Cinema and new technologies in SFL: Intercultural competence training

30 teaching hours

Cristina Martínez-Carazo, Gabriel Guillén


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Enrolment fees: 30 teaching hours: €240 // 50 teaching hours: €400

Registry Fees €20


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