Composition and Functions of the Commission for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies


The Commission for Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies of the UIMP is made up of:

Rector of the UIMP

Carlos Andradas

Vice Principal of the UIMP for Postgraduate Studies and Research

Mónica Álvarez de Buergo



Arts and Humanities

Gloria Clavería Nadal, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


Isabel Castro PargaUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid

Vicente Larraga Rodríguez de Vera, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Jesús Marco de Lucas, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC)

Health Sciences 

Damián García Olmo, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Carmelo Vázquez Valverde, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Social Sciences and Law

Rafael Gómez-Ferrer, Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Teresa Rabazas Romero, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Carmen Herrero Blaco, Universidad de Alicant


The functions of the Commission are as follows:

  • To assess the proposals put forward for Masters' and Doctoral Studies Programs, according to the criteria for quality set down beforehand by the University, while drafting the corresponding report in this regard, which will be put before the Governing Council. In the issuing of the report, positive value will be assigned to the degree of international projection of the Teaching Staff and of the Program.
  • The assessment report will include an analysis of the feasibility and strategic appropriateness of the proposal concerned and its compliance with current regulations. Positive value will be assigned to the academic quality of that same proposal, to which end consideration will be given to the adequacy of the teaching and research, or professional, background of the group of those who will undertake the teaching; to its coherence; to the prior basis of the Study Plan and the interdisciplinarity that it sets out; to the system of coordination and tutorials put forward; and to the monitoring and quality improvement procedures to be employed.
  • To undertake the monitoring of Masters' and Doctoral Studies Programs and to issue a biennial assessment report on their quality.
  • To propose to the Principal the admission to an official Master's or Doctoral Program of students with non-homologated studies from universities abroad, and likewise the homologation of Master's and Doctoral Qualifications from universities abroad.
  • To authorize, where appropriate, the participation of professionals and researchers not belonging to the university teaching staff in these studies.
  • To authorize those modifications to already implemented Study Plans which do not involve a change in the essential character and aims of the Qualification concerned, subject to their being approved as such by the Council of Universities.
  • To ensure the setting up of internal procedures for guaranteeing quality control in each area of study.