Composition and Functions of the Studies Commissions


Each Qualification under the auspices of the Menéndez Pelayo International University will have an Academic Commission consisting of two members of the Governing Council of the UIMP (or persons with academic responsibilities in whom they may delegate), and also two members of the Institution involved, alongside the UIMP, in the organization of the Qualification or Program concerned, provided that one of these members is to be the Program Director.


The Commission will oversee:

  • The Study and / or Research Plan concerned.
  • The proposals for Teaching Staff and the Calendar to be adhered to.
  • The Criteria to be applied in the Selection of Students.
  • The Testing procedures and criteria for determining the degree of benefit achieved.
  • The Quality and Suitability of the Didactic Materials employed.
  • The drawing up of the Annual Budget and the drafting of the Financial Report concerned.
  • The Procedures employed so as to guarantee Quality Control.