Research Areas

The UIMP already has implemented eight Doctoral Programs which are carried out thanks to the participation and collaboration of the High Council for Scientific Research (6 programs), the Center for Economic, Monetary and Financial Studies, belonging to the Bank of Spain (1 program) and to the those universities which participate in the Interuniversity Program in Contemporary History.

Doctoral students are working on their Doctoral Theses under the supervision of researchers belonging to these Centers, taking up one of the lines of research at these centers for teaching and research, addressing one of the research lines as defined in the official programs concerned.

The services linked to the Vice Principal's Office for Postgraduate Studies and Research, as well as the Student Administration Office, are responsible for locating and disseminating the convenings of grants, bursaries, contracts and research projects, as published in the different Official Gazettes, and likewise those convened by organisms, foundations, companies and so on.