Doctoral Studies

Doctorate - PhD Programs RD 99/2011

The Doctorate - PhD Programs offered by the Menéndez Pelayo International University are fully adapted to Royal Decree 99/2011, of 28 January, which regulates official Doctoral Programs (BOE of February 10, 2011):

Terms and Definitions

  • Doctorate: Third cycle of Official University Studies, leading to the acquisition of competences and skills related to quality scientific research.
  • Doctoral Program: Set of activities leading to the acquisition of the competencies and skills necessary to obtain a Doctoral Gegree. The purpose of the Doctoral Programs will be to develop the different training aspects of the doctoral student and to establish the procedures and lines of research for the elaboration of Doctoral Theses.
  • Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program: The Academic Committee is responsible for the supervision and control of the Doctoral Program and the associated training and research activities, as well as for the monitoring of the Program's doctoral students.
  • Doctoral Student: Researcher in training who, upon accreditation of the established requirements, has been admitted and enrolled in a Doctoral Program.
  • Doctoral Student's Activity Document (DAD): Document that records all the relevant specialist training-based activities carried out by the doctoral student during the period of elaboration of the Doctoral Thesis and which form part of his/her initial training as a researcher. These activities must be regularly assessed by the Tutor, the Supervisor and the Academic Committee of the Program.
  • Research Plan: Document that will describe the research to be carried out by the doctoral student, including at least the objectives to be achieved and the methodology to be used, as well as the means and time planning to achieve them.
  • Thesis Supervisor: Researcher ultimately responsible for guiding the doctoral student in carrying out his or her research studies.
  • Tutor: Researcher responsible for ensuring the interaction between the doctoral student and the Academic Committee of the Doctoral Program. The Tutor will also be responsible for ensuring that the student's training and research activity are in line with the objectives of the Doctoral Program.
  • Documentary Commitment and Best Practices for Doctoral Studies: Document assumed by the UIMP, the doctoral student, the Tutor and the Supervisor, which establishes the functions to be carried out in order to complete the Doctoral Thesis by the doctoral student.