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Certifications and Issuance of the Doctoral Degree Certificate

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Issuance of the Doctoral Degree Certificate

The Doctoral Degree Certificate will be officially valid throughout national territory and will enable the student concerned to benefit from the rights which current regulations grant to this Qualification.

The way of denominating the Doctoral Degree will be "Doctor by the Menéndez Pelayo International University". Likewise, according to the regulations set down regarding the issuance of Qualification Certificates, included therein will be information specifying the field of knowledge about which the Doctoral Thesis has dealt.

The mention of "cum laude" may also be included while, on the reverse side of the Certificate, the mention of "International Doctor".

Applying for the Degree Certificate implies closure of the academic records concerned, and once carried out, it will not be possible to include new entries in those same files.

Stipulated Periods for Application for Issuance
The Doctoral Degree Certificate may be requested throughout the academic year. 

Documents to be Summitted:

  • Application for Issuance of Doctoral Degree Certificate (Forms)
  • Current, legible photocopy of National ID Card or Passport.
  • Students who are members of large families or students with some form of disability: documentation as listed in fee reductions and exemptions.

Submission of Application:

The Application may be submitted in person to the UIMP Student Administration Office (Secretaría de Estudiantes UIMP, C/Isaac Peral, 23. 28040 Madrid - Spain) or by e-mail to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

After submitting the application form, the student concerned will be given a receipt of payment of the fee so that payment may be made in cash at any branch of Banco Santander, or by credit card (for which purpose the Online Administration Office may be accessed), or via a bank transfer (only in the case of those who find themselves outside Spanish territory).

The amount to be paid over is that which appears on the receipt slip. The transfer costs or any other bank charges will be borne by the student and should not lead to a reduction in the overall amount concerned.

The student concerned is expected to ensure that either a copy of the payment slip officially stamped by the Bank reaches the Student Administration Office, or, if it were the case, the receipt slip of payment having been made by credit card or bank transfer, indicating: First Name and Last Names / National ID Card, passport, or Non-National's ID (NIE), together with the code number and description of the Study Program concerned, and the academic year in course.

Provisional Supplementary Qualification Certificate:
The Doctoral Degree Certificate will become fully effective as of the date of payment of the costs of the issuance of the said certificate.

Once payment has been made, the interested party will be provided with a provisional supplementary Qualification Certificate which will act as the equivalent of the official Qualification Certificate until the latter's actual issuance, and will be of equivalent value with regard to the exercise of the rights inherent to the Qualification Certificate concerned. Such a certification will include the essential data that would be included in the said Qualification Certificate itself.

Collection of the Qualification Certificate:

  • By the interested party in person from the UIMP Student Administration Office (C / Isaac Peral, 23. 28040 Madrid), by providing proof of his or her identity via his or her National Identity Card, DNI, in original format (in the case of Spanish citizens), a passport, or a Non-National's Identity Card, NIE, (in the case of persons from other countries).
  • By duly authorizing another person by power of attorney to collect it on his or her behalf. If the power of attorney were to have been issued abroad, it ought to have been legalized and translated into Spanish.
  • If the interested party does not reside in Madrid, he or she may request in writing that the UIMP General Administration Office ensure delivery of the Qualification Certificate to the High Inspectorate of Education or Education Offices of the Government Delegation or Sub-Delegation, and / or the Consular Office, nearest to his or her place of residence. In such a case, the student concerned would be expected to collect the Qualification Certificate in person.