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The aim of Doctoral Studies is to provide students with advanced training in research techniques and which will include the preparation and submission of a Doctoral Thesis consisting of an original research project.

To obtain a Doctoral Degree it is necessary to have passed successfully a specialist training period and a period of research.

  • The training period will consist of a minimum of 60 credits completed in Studies Programs leading to one or more Masters' Degrees. Requirements for entry and admission to the training period will be the same as those for entry and admission to official Masters' Degree Studies.
  • The research period will consist of the undertaking of, and successful completion of, the research activities designed as part of the Doctoral Program and will include the compulsory writing of a Doctoral Thesis.

The successful completion of these studies will mean becoming entitled to the obtainment of the Degree of Doctor, awarded by the UIMP. Likewise, according to the regulations set down with regard to the issuance of Qualifications, the discipline within which the Doctoral Thesis has been carried out will be specified.

Calendar of expiry of doctoral programs regulated by RD 1393/2007

  • Deadline for submission and defense of PhD thesis: January 29, 2016
  • Last academic year to allow admission of new PhD students: Academic year 2013-14
  • Expiry date for doctoral programs regulated by RD 1393/2007: September 30, 2017