Doctoral Studies

Sequencing of the Studies

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Access to Doctoral Studies can be applied to the UIMP Doctoral Commission at any point within the academic year, once authorized by the Program Director and once a favorable assessment review of the Thesis Project has been obtained.

1. Designation of the Supervisor / Co-Supervisor of the Thesis, as well as of the Tutor, if such were the case.

2. Preparation of the Thesis Project which has been favorably assessed by the Thesis Supervisor.

3. Approval by the UIMP Doctoral Commission.

Once notified of the resolution of admission, the student is expected to undertake payment of his or her enrolment in the phase of academic supervision (via payment of the fees concerned), which must be renewed each academic year.

In order to apply for authorization to read the Doctoral Thesis, having paid the fees for academic supervision from the course year in which the Project was registered up until the defense of it, is compulsory.
Once enrolled, the Doctoral student will be in possession of this document which records individually the relevant activities that he or she were to carry out during the preparation of his or her Thesis. It will form part of the documentation to be assessed by the Thesis Examining Board.

Document which monitors Doctoral Student's Activities

The Doctoral student will record in this document all the relevant specialist training-based activities he or she may carry out during the period of preparation of the Doctoral Thesis.

This monitoring document forms part of the documentation to be assessed by the Thesis Examining Board. It will not give rise to a quantitative score, but will constitute a tool of qualitative assessment that will complement the qualitative evaluation of the Thesis.

  • Document which monitors Doctoral Student's Activities (Forms)

Modifications to the Doctoral Thesis Project

Should there exist justifiable reasons for doing so, and the legitimate evolution of the research undertaken so requires, the student concerned may apply to the Doctoral Studies Commission for amendments to be made to his or her Thesis Project.

The requested changes must be substantiated and can affect:

  • The title of the Doctoral Thesis.
  • The Supervision of the Doctoral Thesis.

The request must reckon with the authorization of the Supervisor, the Co-Supervisor or, were it the case, the Tutor.

The definitive registration of the Project (title and supervisor) must coincide fully with the Doctoral Thesis itself.

  • Application for modifications to be made to a Doctoral Thesis Project (Forms)