Admissions Lists

List of students accepted for admission by the Academic Commissions of the Studies concerned, taking into account the selection criteria set down in each program.

Academic Year 2020-2021

P03L - Master’s degree in teaching spanish as a foreign language

P03K - Master's degree in molecular and cellular integrative biology 

P00B - High specialization master’s degree in plastics and rubber 

P04C - Master's degree in artificial intelligence research 

P04A - Master's degree in Data Science

P01T - Master’s degree in constitutional law 

P03O - Master's degree in biodiversity and conservation in tropical regions 

P024 - Master’s degree in government and public management 

P04B - Master's degree in particle physics and physics of the cosmos 

P026 - Master’s degree in international cooperation, public policy management, and development programs and projects

P02Z - Master's degree in senior public management 

Spain Edition
Latin American Edition

P01Y - Master’s degree in economics and finance