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Masters' Degrees - Entry and Admission

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Entry Requirements

  • Entry via an official Spanish University Degree or with an European Higher Education Area Degree (EHEA): To access officially taught Master's Courses, applicants must hold an official Spanish University Degree (Bachelor Degree or equivalent, Bachelor's Five-Year Degree, Five-Year Degree in Architecture or Engineering), or of any other kind awarded by an institution of Higher Education belonging to another member state within the EHEA which is authorized to provide access to officially taught Master's Courses.
  • Entry with a Degree Qualification from outside the EHEA: Graduates from education systems outside the EHEA will be granted admission, without the homologation of their Degrees being required after verification by the University that those same systems are recognized as providing a level of academic training equivalent to the official Spanish University Qualifications concerned and that, within the specific country, they are authorized with the power of issuance of the Degree Qualification which provides access to Postgraduate Studies.
    The admission of these students is subject to the Principal's approval. In any case, the Principal's approval does not imply the homologation of the Qualification concerned beyond the fact that it is held by the applicant, nor the acknowledgement of it for purposes other than that of admission to the Courses taught within the Master's Degree.

Specific Criteria of Admission

Students may be granted admission to a Master's Degree in keeping with the specific requirements and merit assessment criteria that will be defined in terms of each specific Study Plan, amongst which complementary academic training may be required in certain disciplines, based on prior learning accredited by the student concerned.

Such complementary academic training may be considered as forming part of the Master's Degree concerned provided that the total number of credits to be taken is not more than 120 ECTS. For this additional academic training, once authorized by those in charge of the Program concerned, use may be made of academic subjects belonging to other official Study Plans within the UIMP or of those taught by institutions which collaborate with the UIMP in those same Studies.

Prior to pre-enrolment in a Master's Degree, each student should consult the website linked to that same Master's so as to ensure that he or she meets all the requirements for entry and admission. With this aim in mind, the following should be checked:

  • The general entry requirements
  • The specific admission criteria
  • The Documentation required

Special educational needs

Universal accessibility will be guaranteed and the necessary resources and support will be monitored for those students with disabilities in order to assure the correct completion of the Master's. We ask that these students indicate their specific needs when enrolling.