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Pre-enrolment and Enrolment in Courses in Specialization

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To enroll in UIMP Courses in Specialization, it is necessary to be an university student, the Holder of a Diploma, or the Holder of a Degree. In specific cases, anyone whose curriculum and professional interests are closely related to the subject-matter of the Course or Seminar may also enroll. All Courses will have a limited number of places – in terms of the characteristics and aims of each - which will be filled through strict adherence to the order in which enrolment takes place in the Student Administration Office (Secretaría de Estudiantes).

Documents required for the Formalization of Enrolment

The Enrolment Form may be obtained from the Student Administration Office in any of the UIMP's centers, or via Internet. Once completed, it should be submitted to the UIMP, together with the following documents:

  • Photocopy of National ID card (in the case of Spanish citizens), or of passport or identity document (NIE), in the case of foreign nationals.
  • Where applicable, a photocopy of the document-based proof of being a student or a holder of an university qualification.
  • An ID-Card size photograph.

In the case of those Courses which involve a pre-selection of students, it is the documents specifically identified as being necessary by the Director of the Course which should be submitted.

Applications made on other than official forms, or which do not have what is indicated as being required attached, will be rejected.

The Application Forms, together with the documents referred to above, should be handed in at, or sent by post to, the UIMP Student Administration Office, in accordance with that which is stipulated in Article 38.4 of the Law on the Legal System Applicable to Public Administrations and Common Administrative Procedures.

Online Enrolment can also be undertaken via the UIMP website.

The student will be notified by the UIMP of receipt of the enrolment concerned in the Course selected.

Commencement and Formalization of the Enrolment

The stipulated period for enrolment should be consulted on the specific web-page of each Course.

After submitting the application form, and when the required documentation has been received and revised by the Student Administration Office, the applicant concerned will be given or, were it the case, be sent, the corresponding receipt of payment which he or she should hand over the counter at any branch of the partner entities, Banco Santander or Caja Cantabria, as part of the enrolment payment procedure.

The student will be notified by the UIMP of receipt of the enrolment concerned in the Course selected.