Regulations concerning Continuing Presence

(Approved by Principal's Resolution, dated 24/03/2010)

Article 1. - Current regulations stipulate the conditions with regard to the continuing presence within the Menéndez Pelayo International University of students enrolled in Postgraduate Studies that are official in character and valid throughout national territory.

Article 2. - UIMP students undertaking official Postgraduate Studies have available to them a maximum of four examination sittings as convened per subject, two per academic year, provided the Program concerned continues to be taught.

Article 3. - For the purposes of establishing limitations upon the number of examination sittings as convened, in the case of official Postgraduate Studies, it is the exam sittings in subjects that have been graded which will be held over for reckoning. In the event that a student were not available to be graded, in the Official Grades Records "No Show" will be entered, his or her express waiving of the opportunity to be graded will not be required of him or her with regard to the total of the number of exam sittings allowed.

Article 4. - Notwithstanding the maximum number of exam sittings as convened, to ensure a minimum level of academic performance and that reasonably advantageous use be made of it, the following system of continuing presence has been established:

  • A Master's Degree with a course-load of 60 ECTS: the maximum number of years of continuing presence is set at two.
  • A Master's Degree with a course-load of between 61 and 120 ECTS: the maximum number of years of continuing presence is set at three.
  • The Master's Degree in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language, with 60 ECTS, but due to its special characteristics, is developed over two academic years, so that: the maximum number of years of continuing presence will be three.

Article 5. - Students who use up the maximum number of four exam sittings per subject as convened, or exceed the maximum number of years of continuing presence, set at two, must apply for an additional sitting (by way of a gracious favor), in order to continue pursuing the official Postgraduate Studies concerned, in a written request addressed to the Principal of the UIMP, who will settle the matter having first been briefed by the Vice Principal for Postgraduate Studies and Innovation.

  • Standard Application Form to request the gracious favor of an additional exam sitting (Forms)

Should any exception exist to this general rule, it should be published in an explicit way in the Study Program concerned.