UIMP-based Qualifications - Entry and Admission

The Organic Law on Universities allows universities to set up, by exercising their autonomy, in addition to the official studies which are valid throughout national territory, study programs leading to the obtainment of self-generated diplomas and qualifications.

These studies, the interest in which lies in being able to respond swiftly and effectively to the social demands for advanced academic or professional training, complement the set of official curricular studies and make up, together with the these last-mentioned, the Studies offer of each university.

These are UIMP-based Postgraduate Masters' and Specialist Qualifications.

The UIMP Master's Degree certifies a qualitative standard of postgraduate training and it is reserved for postgraduate studies of the highest level and duration within the UIMP self-generated Qualifications. These studies would need to be taught for at least one academic year and will have a weighting of between 60 and 120 ECTS credits.

Studies leading to an UIMP-based Specialist Qualification would need to be taught for at least one semester and will carry a weighting of between 25 and 40 ECTS credits.

UIMP-based Qualifications are not regulated studies and, upon completion of them, a Studies Diploma will be issued by the Principal of the University in this regard.

Entry Requirements

  • Entry via an official Spanish University Degree or with an European Higher Education Area Degree (EHEA): To gain admission to officially taught Postgraduate Studies, applicants must hold an official Spanish University Degree (Bachelor Degree or equivalent, Bachelor's Five-Year Degree, Five-Year Degree in Architecture or Engineering, or that of Engineer or Technical Architect), or of any other kind awarded by an institution of Higher Education belonging to another member state within the EHEA which is authorized to provide access to officially taught Postgraduate Courses.
  • Entry with a Degree Qualification from outside the EHEA: Graduates from education systems outside the EHEA will be granted admission, without the homologation of their Degrees being required, after verification by the University that those same systems are recognized as providing a level of academic training equivalent to the official Spanish University Qualifications concerned and that, within the specific country, they are authorized with the power of issuance of the Degree Qualification which provides access to Postgraduate Studies.

Specific Criteria of Admission

Students may be granted admission to Postgraduate Studies in keeping with the specific requirements and merit assessment criteria that will be defined in terms of each specific Study Plan, amongst which complementary academic training may be required in certain disciplines, based on prior learning accredited by the student concerned.

Prior to pre-enrolment, each student should consult the webpage linked to the Study Plan concerned so as to ensure that he or she meets all the requirements for entry and admission. With this aim in mind, the following should be checked:

  • The general entry requirements
  • The specific admission criteria
  • The Documentation required