UIMP Qualifications - Enrolment Fees and Payment

Enrolment Fees

It is the fee charged as the total amount of fees in exchange for academic and administrative services.

  1. Academic Services: the result of multiplying the cost per credit by the number of credits corresponding to the Studies Program concerned. The webpage of the Study Program concerned should be consulted.
  2. Administrative Services: they include the initiation of the Academic Records File concerned (payment for which is undertaken only when enrolling for the first time), as well as Administrative Office costs.
Initiation of Student File 30,80€
Administrative Office Charges 6,24€
Total Cost of Administrative Services 37,04€

Method of Payment

  • Studies managed by a Collaborating Institution: the student should contact the said entity.
  • Studies managed by the UIMP: The student admitted in an area of study will be notified by the Student Administration Office via e-mail, which will include an identification code, thereby allowing him or her to undertake enrolment via the on-line registration website located at the UIMP's Online Administration Office.

The application will guide the student to select the studies in which to enroll, the payment method, and terms of payment.

Payment options:

  1. Single Payment
    1. 100% of the academic and administrative fees involved.
    2. Student insurance, were it applicable.
  2. Split Payment

The student concerned may pay in two installments. Payment by installments will not be applicable in the case of those fees which amount to less than 150 euros.

First Installment:

  • 50% of the fees for academic services.
  • 100% of the fees for administrative services.
  • Student insurance, were it applicable.

Second Installment:

  • The remaining 50% of the fees for academic services.

The student will be expected to pay these amounts within the stipulated periods established each year. Taking heed of the Academic and Enrolment Calendar is recommended.

Methods of Payment:

  1. If the student lives in Spain, payment can be made:
    • In cash at any branch of Banco Santander
      The student will need to print three copies of the payment form through the Online Administration Office, via the "Payment of Receipts Pending" option, and hand them over at the Banco Santander branch concerned, within the stipulated period indicated on the receipt.
      The bank is obliged to stamp the three copies: one copy is for the bank, one should be handed in at the UIMP Student Administration Office within 15 working days of the due date, and the third copy is for the student. This latter document is his or her proof of enrolment in the University.
    • Online Credit Card Payment
      Payment by credit card through the online platform Vía Pago, which is accessed from the Online Administration Office (Secretaría Virtual), by selecting "Online Payment" (Pago on-line) within the "Payment of Receipts Pending" (Pago de recibos) option.
      At the Students Administration Office the student concerned is expected to hand in the payment slip which has been generated, within 15 working days of its expiration, indicating: First Name and Last Names / National ID Card, passport, or Non-National's ID (NIE), together with the code number and description of the Study Program concerned, and the academic year in course.
      This data is absolutely necessary so as to identify the payment. If the slip does not contain the data, the University may demand payment at any time.
  2. If he or she lives abroad:
  • Payment via bank transfer
    The amount to be paid in is shown on the receipt. It is the student who is expected to meet the costs of the transfer incurred, as well as any other bank charges incurred, which should not diminish the overall amount as indicated.

Payment is to be made within the stipulated period indicated in the receipt pending, and once made, the student is obliged to submit proof of the transfer to the following e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

On the transfer receipt slip, the following will be indicated: First Name and Last Names / National ID, passport, or Non-National's ID (NIE) / code number and description of the Study Program concerned / and the academic year in course.

This data is absolutely necessary so as to identify the payment. If the slip does not contain the data, the University may demand payment at any time.

Requesting Receipt of Payment

Generally speaking, the receipt for having satisfied fee payments is issued on behalf of the student, who is the person obliged to ensure payment is made.

If payment is going to be undertaken by a company, or by a public or private institution, the latter must be requested in writing, using the available standard form, should request in writing that a receipt of payment of a bill issued within the period set out in the bill for payment.

The billing request will then be sent by normal post to the UIMP Student Administration Office:

Secretaría de Estudiantes UIMP
C/ Isaac Peral, 23
28040 Madrid

  • Billing request. Payment of Enrolment Fees (Forms)


Failure to pay the total amount of the fee costs will render enrolment void, while implying the forfeiture of the amounts which previously may have been paid over.

The University will refuse to issue Qualification Certificates or Certificates of any kind when students are found to have not satisfied outstanding payments.

Cancellation of Enrolment

The cancellation of enrolment renders the enrolment concerned academically and administratively ineffective with the consequent loss of the rights inherent to it.

The stipulated period within which to apply for the cancellation of all or part of the enrolment, with no right to reimbursement of the fees paid over at the time of formalizing it, will end on December 30 of each academic year.

Those applications for cancellation or dropping of the enrolment concerned which are submitted at least 14 calendar days prior to the start of the Academic Year will receive a 100% reimbursement of the fees paid over at the time of formalizing the enrolment in the form of payment of credits. After this time, no reimbursement will be forthcoming.

The reimbursement which comes under this heading should be applied for by using the standard form available and should be accompanied by the original or copy of the payment slip concerned and / or by the corresponding justificatory proof in those cases in which the reason for requesting a reimbursement might require justification.

  • Application Form to request the Refund of Fees (Forms).

Only in the event of cancellation of the Studies Program, will the University also reimburse the fees paid over in lieu of administrative services.

Modification of Enrolment

Enrolment is undertaken on a year-long basis and, in general, modifications are not allowed. However, each year, within the Academic and Enrolment Calendar, a stipulated period is set aside for modifications to Enrolment for justifiable reasons (mainly due to the cancellation of elective subjects which were to have been taught).

The modification concerned will consist of replacing certain subjects with others. The minimum number of students required so as to ensure the teaching of a subject is 6, so that a subject cannot be replaced by another, if the replacement subject is left with less than 6 students enrolled in it.

  • Application Form to request Modification to Enrolment (Forms)