Advanced Courses

Throughout the academic year, the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) organises numerous high specialisation and excellence courses in different UIMP sites. These courses are the essence of the UIMP since its foundation nine decades ago and represent its uniqueness.

Advanced courses are designed for undergraduate and graduate students, teachers, and professionals, and benefit from the participation of national and international experts in diverse academic fields. They address contemporary topics and encourage reflection and debate on the current state of Science, Politics, Law, Economics, Society, Art, and Culture, in Spain and the world, connecting with the past, and offering a vision of the future.

Advanced courses take various forms:  

  • Academic courses: schools, seminars, etc.
  • Professional meetings
  • Workshops
  • Masterclasses
  • Conferences, congresses, and meetings.

Santander Summer Courses

The flagship event of the UIMP is the emblematic Summer Courses, which are held every year from mid-June to mid-September at La Magdalena Palace in the city of Santander since the foundation of the university in 1932. 

The 2022 Academic Programme offers over 120 courses and commemorates the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the university.