General conditions and requirements

The Instituto Cervantes is the organisation responsible for the academic, administrative and economic management of the “Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language” (DELE), which are issued by its Director on behalf of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports in Spain.

General issues

The amount paid for registration in any of the DELE diplomas includes the right of examination on the date and in the Examination Centre chosen, and the shipping costs of the corresponding diploma.

Under no circumstances will registration in a DELE exam session, whose registration period has ended, be permitted.

The dates of examinations and registration periods, as well as all other information on the DELE diplomas, are available on the DELE’s official portal,, in both Spanish and English.

Candidates who do not pass the DELE examination or who do not attend the exam are not entitled to a second opportunity to sit the exam.

Requirements of candidates

The DELE diplomas are for literate people of all ages.

The Instituto Cervantes registers all people who have paid the corresponding registration fees for the DELE exams.


Electronic registration in the DELE Level A2 Diploma using the CCESE portal (