Registration procedure

Enrolment for the tests should be processed through a DELE exam centre within the periods set out for each round of exams. To formalise the enrolment for the tests, you must provide the following documentation: 

  • Enrolment form: this can be obtained from the website of the Cervantes Institute or at the exam centre, where it must be submitted having been duly completed.
  • Original and photocopy of an identity document which has a photograph and includes the following information: identity, nationality, place and date of birth. The data provided by the candidate on the enrolment form must match those on the identity document.
  • Documentary proof of payment of the enrolment fees.

Once the candidate has been enrolled, he or she will be given a sealed copy of the enrolment in which the code assigned to the candidate will appear, and the official call for the exam will be sent by post. This will include the place, date and time that the tests will take place.  


Enrolment and payment for the DELE level A2 exam in all of its sessions is to be made at