Courses on our programme are aimed at adults. If a student aged 16 or 17 wishes to register for the course, they need to send a filled out Authorisation Form signed by their parents or guardians, alongside the pre-enrolment application.

Required documentation


To carry out pre-enrolment, the following documentation must be sent:

  • Registration form
  • 1 Passport-sized photograph
  • A photocopy of your identity card / Passport
  • Bank transfer to UIMP's account

Once the Secretary's Office has received the pre-enrolment application, the student will be sent the matching price as well as instructions to pay for the registration and, where applicable, accommodation if this has been booked for the UIMP Halls of Residence.

Payment methods:





Bank Address: 

Pº Pereda, 9-12 (39004 – Santander) SPAIN

Account name:

U.I.M.P. Secretaría de Alumnos

Account No.:

0049 5400 40 2716225281


ES90 0049 5400 4027 1622 5281



(All bank charges shall be paid by the student).


Credit card, over the UIMP website. If the student chooses this payment method, they need to specifically notify the Secretary's Office so that they can provide the username enabling access to online payment.