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César Nombela Cano

César Nombela Cano


 Dr Nombela has been a full professor of Microbiology at the Pharmacy Faculty at Madrid Complutense University (UCM) since 1982. He has directed the extraordinary chairs for Genomics and Proteomics and for Fermented Drinks and Health since 2001 and 2007 respectively.

He graduated Pharmaceutical and Chemical Sciences from UCM and he has a doctorate from Salamanca University (1972) with Julio R. Villanueva. Dr Nombela gained his postdoctoral training in the United States working with Severo Ochoa. He was named lifelong president of the Carmen and Severo Ochoa Foundation in the Nobel laureate’s will. He has been decorated with the Spanish Confederation for Entrepreneurial Organisations Award (CEOE), the Grand Cross of the Order of Civil Merit and the Grand Cross of the Civil Order of Alfonso X The Wise.

The rector of UIMP was a member of the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee (1998-2004), president of the Ethics in Scientific and Technical Research National Advisory Committee (2002-05), spokesperson for the Spanish Bioethics Committee (2008-12), member of the Academy of Europe, the European Academy of Microbiology, a numbered academic at the Royal National Academy of Pharmacy and corresponding academic at the Iberoamerican Academy of Pharmacy.