Menendez Pelayo International University is a centre for high culture, research and specialisation, in which activities from different university specialisms converge. Its mission is to promulgate culture and science, to encourage relationships for the exchange of scientific and cultural information which is of international and inter-regional interest, and to develop research and specialisation activities.
UIMP aims to be a university open to every academic and cultural field, promoting: debate on subjects at the frontier of knowledge; the analysis of the issues which concern the future of society; the absolute latest in cultural activity; multi- and interdisciplinary studies and education; postgraduate training oriented towards employment and professional recycling; and the international projection of Spanish scientific and cultural creation.


  • Singularity and tradition, after ninety years of cultural, scientific and educational activity.
  • Social advancement, with a notable impact on the career path of a significant part of the cultural, scientific and professional elite in Spain.
  • Academic excellence.
  • The teaching of Spanish, a task which formed the origins of UIMP and justified its creation.
  • The promotion and dissemination of multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge.
  • Openness to all cultural, scientific and professional fields.