Regulations concerning the homologation and transfer of credits

At the request of the interested party, it is beholden to the Commission for Postgraduate Studies to propose to the Principal the fractional homologation of areas of Study within the official programs.

The fractional homologation of Studies will be applicable in the case of subjects or modules the content of which may be seen to be substantially similar to that of those being homologated, or in the case of their having been accrued through international mobility programs.

Homologation involves transferring to the Academic Records concerned the grade achieved in the Studies that are themselves being homologated.

Studies which may be homologated:

Studies undertaken in the UIMP:

  • Undertaken in other Masters' Degrees within the UIMP.
  • Studies corresponding to official UIMP Postgraduate Qualifications.

In these cases, the homologation of subjects or modules will be carried out, while each corresponding grade will be put on record.

Other Studies:

  • Studies undertaken in other Masters' Degrees within Spanish Universities as approved under the auspices of Royal Decree 56/2005 and Royal Decree 1393/2007.
  • Studies in Doctoral Programs from other Spanish universities regulated by Decree 778/98 Third Cycle.
  • Studies undertaken abroad after obtaining the Qualification which provides access to the Master's or Doctoral-based Studies in the country concerned.
  • Post Five-Year Degree / Engineering Degree specific-university based studies (recognized as Spanish University-based or Universities Abroad-based Qualifications obtained after the Qualification which provides access to the Master's or Doctoral- based Studies in the country concerned).
  • Extracurricular courses of an equivalent level to that of a Master's Degree or Doctoral Studies in which there has existed academic control and, consequently, an evaluative assessment of the work carried out by the student.

Given that those credits which are based on teaching hours are not directly comparable with ECTS credits, the Academic Commission concerned will provide a proposal for homologation.

Application and documentation required:

The student's application must be accompanied by a report issued by the Director of / or the Person responsible for the Program concerned, acknowledging the legitimacy of the application, which will be assessed by the Postgraduate Studies Commission.

The student will hand in the following documentation to the Student Administration Office:

  • Application Form for credit homologation (Forms).
  • Authenticated photocopy of the Qualification to be used in the enrolment and of the academic certification of the Syllabus Plan studied, where proof is provided of the subjects taken, the duration of studies and the grades obtained. The student must check, according to the country issuing the university-level qualification, which is the documentation he or she is required to provide.
  • Authenticated photocopy of the Program containing the subjects taken for which the homologation of credits is being requested, with an indication of the contents developed therein and the skills acquired, stamped officially by the entity concerned.
  • A description of the number of credits which the interested party wishes to be homologated, together with the subjects to which the application refers.
  • Report issued by the Director / or Person Responsible for the Program certifying the legitimacy of the application.

Proposal for resolution put forward:

It is the Commission for Postgraduate Studies that will put forward a resolution, and will place it before the Governing Council of the UIMP for its approval.

The resolution put forward concerning the homologation of credits will include:

  • The name of the subject / s for which homologation has been requested, the subject-type, the number of credits involved and the grades obtained, together with an indication of the subjects at source which gave rise to the homologation.
  • The name/s of the subject/ s for which homologation is not granted, with an indication of the subjects within the at-source Study Plan. In this case, justification of the resolution emitted will be required.

The Student Administration Office will be notified of the decision taken for inclusion in the file of the student concerned.

Amount charged and payment for homologated credits:

Enrolment by the student concerned in the total number of credits required per Course period is compulsory, irrespective of whether in the subjects to be taken the homologation of credits is applied for or not.

Students who obtain homologated credits will be entitled to a reimbursement of 75% of the cost per credit for the Master's Degree they were to take, as fixed for the year in which the resolution concerning fees for university-level studies in the UIMP is made known.

Stipulated period within which the homologation of credits may be applied for:

  • Academic year 2017-2018: until November 3, 2017