Proposal for courses

Proposals for Advanced Courses may be submitted by lecturers, researchers, professionals or senior officers of entities and institutions, and must comply with University rules. They will be submitted in the form intended for that purpose and include the main details (title, campus, dates, sponsor, etc.), director or contact person, a draft of the programme, summary of the content and a profile of the student the course is aimed at.

Proposals will be analysed by the Programming Team (in the case of those intended to be held in Santander or Madrid) or at the head offices of the campuses, respectively. Proposals that are suitable in terms of scientifictechnical or humanistic level, fit in with the programming and have sufficient sponsorship will be submitted to the Governing Board for approval.

Since its approval and to the end of the course directors and lecturers will be subject to the University’s own academic discipline. Lecturers participating will be invited to assign the copyright to their paper to the UIMP, unless the University should decide otherwise.

The deadline for submitting course projects, for Santander, is 31 December 2018.


General Rules

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