Useful Information For Teachers

Frequently asked questions about the summer courses in Santander

Course organization

Is the International University of Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) a public university or a private organization?

The UIMP is a public university under the authority of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. The university receives public and private funds through agreements and conventions.

Are the facilities of the UIMP accessible for disabled persons?

The UIMP has rooms, lecture halls and canteens accessible for disabled persons. Please, specify your needs to the course organizer.

Do the teachers receive certificates at the end of the course?

Yes, you can ask for it to the course organizer or straight to the Secretary-general of the UIMP.

Can the residents have access to the Magdalena Palace and the Campus Las Llamas at any time?

The reception of the Magdalena Palace is open 24 hours a day for residents. Do not forget that you must carry your UIMP registration badge. Do not forget it when leaving the premises. 

Which are the available means to deliver the lecture?

The lecture hall has a laptop (Windows), a slide projector and a wifi connection. In case you have specific technical requirements please inform the technician in charge of your course using the questionnaire. 

If your speech is not in Spanish you will need an interpreter, you will have to indicate it on the  questionnaire. 

Is there wifi in the university premises?

The UIMP offers WIFI connection in the lecture halls, common areas and rooms of the Palace and in the Caballerizas (The Royal stables), as well as in the Campus Las Llamas.

How can I provide documentation to the students?

If you wish to provide any kind of printed material to be used during the course, send it a  week before the beginning of the course. 

Are there sport facilities in the UIMP- Santander?

The university's sport facilities are located in the Campus Las Llamas. You can enter showing your registration badge as teacher of the UIMP.

Travel organization

Are there sport facilities in the UIMP- Santander?

You will have to fill in the Questionnaire for Teachers indicating your travel and accommodation preferences. For any additional clarification, please contact with your course organizer. Please note that if you decide to get your own ticket it will have to be in economy class to be reimbursed by the university if applicable. 

Can I make any changes to my plane or train tickets?

In general, the tickets that have already been issued cannot be changed without a penalty fee. Please check with your course organizer. 

Is the mileage of the car journeys reimbursed by the UIMP?

Yes, the UIMP reimburses 0,19 cents per kilometre from your usual residence.

Is the cost of renting a car reimbursed by the UIMP?

No, the administration does not reimburse the car rental costs, although you will get 0,19 cents kilometre from your usual residence. 

Are the taxi costs reimbursed by the UIMP?

Only the ones derived from your journey (from your home to the station or the airport), up to 30-,€ per journey, on presentation of the ticket showing the date and journey.

Is it possible to reach by car?

Yes, as long as you provide the vehicle details sufficiently in advance to the corresponding staff.

Can I park my car at the Magdalena Peninsula or at the Llamas Campus?

Yes, as long as you provide your cars details sufficiently in advance to the corresponding member of the staff. 

Are the parking expenses in Santander paid by the UIMP?

No, parking expenses in Santander are not reimbursed by the UIMP.

Is parking free of charge for the residents of the Magdalena Peninsula and the Llamas Campus?

Yes, residents can park their car free of charge as long as they provide their car details sufficiently in advance to the corresponding member of the staff.  

Accommodation organization

Where can I find accommodation?

If necessary the university will arrange for you the accommodation throughout your stay.  For more details get in touch with the course organizer. 

Can the university book additional nights for the teachers?

Yes, as long as there are rooms available. In this case it will be at your own expense. We recommend that you check other offers in case you might find better prices.

Can I arrive to the hotel booked by the UIMP after 8 pm?

Yes, provided that you notify it in advance.

May I travel with my family?

The Magdalena Palace is a university premise and as such the entrance to minors is restricted.  If you are accompanied by an adult he will have to pay his accommodation and subsistence expenses. To register someone accompanying you we need his full name and identity card.

Can I go to the canteens with children?

Yes, you can go to the facilities of Caballerizas (The Royal Stables) and the Campus of Las Llamas, although you cannot go to the canteen of the Magdalena Palace.

Payment’ fees

How do I get paid for my participation?

You shall receive your fees in accordance with the existing Regulations. The payment of fees shall be done in accordance with the personal contract, therefore no invoice issued by public or private organisations shall be accepted. The payment shall be made via bank transfer at the end of the course. 

All the speakers will be subject to the withholding tax, under the Spanish tax law. 

If you have your fiscal residence in another country that has signed a convention to avoid double taxation, you shall not be subject to this withholding tax provided that you present a certificate of tax residence issued by the tax authority of your country of residence, signed and sealed. The certificate must be dated current year