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Workshops and Complementary Activities


Different workshops are scheduled alongside the intensive courses: Spanish Cuisine, Spanish Dance, Music and Sports.

Cultural workshops (10 class hours) are optional and round off Spanish learning. They are taught in the afternoons. Workshops are open to all students enrolled on UIMP courses. 


Hours Teaching

Fee (€)

Spanish Cuisine

10 h.

53 €

Spanish Dance

10 h.

53 €

Spanish Music

10 h.

53 €

Individual conversation classes

One-to-one conversation classes are aimed at students enrolled on Spanish language and culture courses. They are optional and supplementary to the courses. They are centred on oral expression and interaction. One-to-one conversation classes are three hours long, given in thirty minute sessions and may be extended at the student's request.

Individual conversation class

1 h.

32 €


Other activities

  • Hablamos

This is a conversation exchange programme with students at the Official School of Languages in Santander and participating students on the UIMP Spanish courses. It is held on the first Thursday every month in summer for overseas and Spanish students to get to know one another. 

  • Cultural Activities 

Students have free open access to UIMP cultural activities: Classical Mondays, Literary Tuesdays, Theatre at the Casys, Poetry Evenings, Cinema, Debates and Exhibitions.