About Us

The Universidad Internacional Menéndez Pelayo (UIMP) is the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport's attended university institution specialised in teaching Spanish. Founded in 1932, and envisaged as a high culture centre, renowned academics, scientists, politicians, designers and other professionals in all areas of knowledge from Spain and overseas are invited to teach in Santander at La Magdelena Palace and on Las Llamas Campus, and at different sites across Spain.


SANTANDER- Las Llamas Campus

Located on the Catabrian coast, Santander is home to one of Europe's most beautiful bays. The city is the capital of Cantabria, a region that is one of the top destinations for Spanish tourism thanks to its wealth of nature and landscapes combining the ocean and high mountains in just a few short kilometres, highly diverse ecosystems, excellent cuisine and a wide range of sporting and leisure activities for all ages.
The university's main site in Santander is located on Las Llamas Campus (Avenida de los Castros, 42), the permanent base for Spanish courses throughout the year.
During summer, Spanish courses run in addition to continuous vocational seminars for professionals at the Magdalena Palace. Students have free access to a wide international selection, alongside an excellent packed programme of cultural activities.