Programmes for Groups and Agencies


The UIMP organises, designs and runs specific academic programmes for non-native speakers in Spain aimed at high school students (minimum age of admission: 16), university students (accredited study stays) and vocational training for professionals (companies and international organisations).


Furthermore, university students and professionals are able to come in summer and follow a more comprehensive programme combining Spanish language and culture classes with workshops, lecture series, meetings and seminars that cover current affairs and events with a clear scientific, social and humanistic interest as part of the UIMP Advanced Courses selection held at the Magdelena Palace (Santander).


If you represent an overseas university, institution, company or agency and would like to set up a training programme with the UIMP that adapts to the requirements of your group, we have three options available in Santander and at other UIMP campuses:

  1. Incorporate your group onto scheduled courses.
  2. Program one of our existing courses for the dates that suit your group.
  3. Design a specific training programme for your university, institution or company in line with your requirements.



Programmes for Groups and Agencies 



Programa Bilingual Programme (Spanish-English). Business, International Studies, Spanish Language & Culture